Sunday, August 19, 2012

Latest..I Found them!

I was spring cleaning my closet the other day and chanced upon some news cuttings of mine. Posted here are the three news cuttings:

This above news cutting is from the year 1972 when I was the textile designer of India Malaysia Textiles.

This above is a photograph of me at the light-box in the factory's design department.

This one was taken in 1981 during an interview with the Star. It was done a day after the graduation for the Creative Art Course in The Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

5th Thai-Mal Women Artists' Art Exhibition

Since this is the year of the Dragon and since I am a 'dragon' lady, I have depicted 2 paintings incoperating the Dragon. One is called 'Pop the Magic Dragon'. I like this piece as it is very colourful yet weird.
The other is called 'Family'. I used the iconic, stylised chinese symbols of the dragon, phoenix and young children.
The painting 'Family' will be exhibited at the Thai-Mal Women Artists' Art Exhibition from Aug 05 to 26, 2012 at the Galeri Seni Mutiara, Penang

Pop The Magic Dragon

Year : 2011
Size : 96cm x 136cm
Acrylic on Canvas


Year : 2012
Size : 91cm x 122cm
Acrylic on Canvas

A day before the opening of the exhibition, all the artists had a get-together painting session and each artist was given a canvas of 9" x12" to do an impromptu painting. All of us enjoyed the session and it was fun filled with snacks and drinks.

Yours truly!

2 young local artists

A Thai artist showing her work

'Cat Lady'

Group Photo of both the Thai and Malaysian Women artists

Thai Women artists

Our Malaysian Women artists

On Aug 5, 2012 the Thai-Mal Women Artists' Art Exhibition was opened by the Royal Thai Consulate-General Dr. Tirta Rojrangsee. This exhibition ends on Aug 26, 2012.

Artist badge being 'pinned' on me

My Koay, the curator/owner making his introduction and opening speech.

 The Royal Thai Consul giving her specch and opening the exhibition

The 'Whole Bunch'

The Thai Women Artists

The Malaysian Women Artists
Artists having a buffet dinner with the Royal Thai Consul at Evergreen Hotel after the opening of the exhibition

Infinity Project

This was a large commissioned painting. I thouroughly enjoyed doing it. It depicts a wave of water splashing. I loved the different facets of blue and touches of gold.

Infinity (Sold)

Year : 2011
Size : 183cm x 68cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Project Faces

I am in the midst of doing a commissioned project whereby I have to draw a series of 4 faces per assignment. To date I have completed 2 assignments (8 small paintings). The theme is my rendition of faces, be it human or animal or even futuristic with concentration on eyes. So far it has been interestingly challenging.

 Point of Disillusion (Sold)

Year : 2012
Size : 18cm x 18cm (each)
Acrylic on Canvas

Series 1 (Sold)

Year : 2012
Size : 18cm x 18cm (each)
Acrylic on Canvas

Eurasian Fiesta

In conjunction with the Georgetown Festival, a Eurasian Fiesta was organised on July 01, 2012 to showcase the Eurasian heritage and I was involved with baking my favourite Reutens rich sugee fruit cake, bread pudding and cooking the Country Captain (chicken). In addition I was to showcase some of my paintings and let the 'world' know the existence of a eurasian artist among the eurasian community in Penang.
Stress, stress was the word that I really felt leading to the actual fiesta day! I have to thank Cheryl, Sandy and Eva for helping me to sell the cakes, bread pudding and country captain. Thank goodness!! All were sold out during the fiesta.

More Group Exhibitions in 2012

In 2012, I had continued my participation in more group art exhibitions.

The International Women's Day Art Exhibition was held early in the year at City Art Gallery in KL. I had just completed a new painting at the year-end of 2011 and it was just the right timing for me to submit this painting to be exhibited for this auspicious day. This painting was titled 'Colours of Happiness'.

Colours of Happiness

Year : 2011
Size : 92cm x 61cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Another similar themed exhibition was also being held at the Island Gallery, Penang. During this exhibition I had prepared a set of 4 small paintings. They were appropriately named 'The Missing Gaharus' as Penang had since been having a spate of illegal chopping down of these Gaharu trees. 

The Missing Gaharus (Sold)

Year : 2012
Size : 39.5cm x 39.5cm each
Acrylic on Canvas

Group Art Exhibitions

In 2011, after my 3rd solo art exhibition, I had also took part in 3 other exhibitions held in 5 different art galleries.
Firstly there was the Malaysian Women Artist Large Painting exhibition held at the Island Gallery, Penang and I had featured "Growth" and "Purple Rhapsody".


Year : 1981 / 2011
Size : 151cm x 113cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Purple Rhapsody

Year : 1981
Size : 123cm x 123cm
Acrylic on Canvas

The 2nd group art exhibition that I had participated was the Malaysian Women Artists Exhibition - 'The Splendour of Peace' held at the Soka Gakkai Malaysia in KL. Two of my paintings were featured and they were 'Rise of the Phoenix' which was not exhibited before while 'G-String' had been exhibited during my 3rd solo art exhibition.

 Rise of the Phoenix

Year : 2011
Size : 122cm x 91.5cm
Acrylic on Canvas

In conjuction with Tourism Malaysia, the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism held at the G Hotel, Penang and the Island Gallery, Penang was the 3rd group activity that I had participated in 2011.